Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Assoc


Non-ProfitCivic Organization

About Us

CCNNA is the Registered Neighborhood Organization for the Cherry Creek North Neighborhood. As such, CCNNA is the organization that educates residents about what is going on in the neighborhood and in the City. CCNNA interfaces regularly with City departments and our City Council representatives to address legislative issues of importance to Cherry Creek North and those that impact the City generally. CCNNA also addresses more practical issues as necessary to inform the neighborhood, like 'what day does street sweeping start' and CCNNA disseminates such information beneficial to all who interface with residents and businesses in the area. With over 5,000 households and one of the most robust business and retail areas in the City, Cherry Creek North is both a destination and a place to call home.

CCNNA advocates for the continued quality of life in the neighborhood by encouraging good development and monitoring city legislation. Our volunteer board and committee members keep residents updated on neighborhood issues and new developments through our website and newsletter.

CCNNA Board Officers
Lou Raders - President
Linda Barker - Vice President
Annette Woodward - Treasurer
Dale Rudolph - Secretary

Board Members
Dick Cohen
Babs Gerber
Ingrid Glancy
Ernie Gormsen
Kevin Landon
Doug Macnaught
Leslie New
Wayne New
Kate Taucher