About Us

Art for Everyone, All Year Long
CherryArts is an art-focused nonprofit that provides access to art experiences and supports arts education for all in Colorado. We work all year long to integrate art in the classroom by providing a variety of art education programs to more than 40,000 Colorado students each year. Each summer, we host the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, one of the country’s largest art festivals, which showcases both worldwide and local artists.

CherryArts produces the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival, transforming Denver streets into one of the country’s largest and most respected arts shows, with hundreds of juried artists, music, food, and more.

Each year patrons purchase approximately $4.1 million in original art, generating substantial taxes for the City and County of Denver and the State of Colorado. In addition, approximately 150,000 arts festival guests spend more than $1 million annually at local and regional businesses during the festival weekend.

We Turn Art into Impact!
Students need art now more than ever. In fact, multiple studies have shown that art has the power to improve mental health, boost confidence, and increase resiliency —those are just a few of the ways art is good for us. CherryArts education programs bring art to students throughout Colorado all year long through innovative programs.

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Photo by Rob Horner
Photo by Sarah Watson
Photo by Frank Montanez
Photo by Carol Havrda