About Us

CherryArts is a nonprofit organization committed to the mission of providing access to art experiences and supporting arts education in Colorado.

CherryArts is the organizer of the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival, transforming Denver streets into an innovative outdoor art show bringing together hundreds of juried artists and thousands community members. Offering signature community events along with education and outreach programs statewide, CherryArts has been a leader of Colorado’s art and culture industry for over three decades. The organization’s vision is to enrich lives through arts education and experiences, so that all have access to arts and culture; help build a vibrant future for the arts community where artists can thrive; inspire creativity and innovation through arts education; and drive economic, cultural and philanthropic sustainability within local neighborhoods.

The economic impact of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival continues to be a vital part of the City of Denver economy, as well as local businesses, artists and residents. Annually patrons purchase approximately $4.1 million in art sales, generating substantial taxes for the City and County of Denver, and the State of Colorado. In addition to art sales, the arts festival patron base of approximately 150,000 guests who spend over $1 million annually at local and regional businesses for the festival weekend.

CherryArts delivers year-round education programming and ignites creative and critical thinking for over 46,000 local students annually. Learn more here: https://cherryarts.org/education